As a graduate of an interdisciplinary Bachelors program in sustainable transit and an interdisciplinary Masters program in sustainable community design, I approach climate and grid stability through a systems approach.  This approach recognizes the interaction between behavior, distribution systems, generation facilities, buildings, and transportation technology.

I have a passion for finding solutions to complex problems and am motivated by finding ways to help clients save and produce energy. In my current position I help local governments navigate utility incentive programs through benchmarking, baselining, project identification, and energy efficiency training programs.

I take a unique approach with stakeholders to realize energy goals.  By developing relationships and performing needs assessments I have been able to present a business case for energy efficiency and solar projects even when minimal interest in these type of projects exists.  This is often achieved through the identification of co-benefits.  For example, I identify potential reductions in demand charges or bundling capital improvements with connected energy projects in a finance package resulting in a net reduction in utility costs.

In addition to my work with energy efficiency at local governments I have been running electric vehicle research and demonstration programs for the last three years.  The first of these programs, the Local Use Vehicle (LUV) demonstration program ended in december of 2012.  The final research report for this project is due out in July.  The second electric vehicle demonstration program is currently in the active demonstration phase where community memebers are selected for the opportunity to drive one of our EVs for two months at which point the vehicle is loaned to a new project participant.  Most of our participants fall in love with the cars and quickly become electric vehicle advocates.  By loaning EVs to community members we are quantifying the GHG reductions made possible with EVs and exploring the infrastructure investment opportunities that would support a larger EV fleet in Southern California.

DavidMagarian Resume 2013