As an Environmental Program Specialist at the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I bridge sustainability disciplines to create holistic research, policy and programs to create a vibrant and durable future for the businesses and residents of the South Bay.  At the core of my approach is the belief that through integrated solutions climate change, climate adaptation, and durable vibrant communities can be created.

At the South Bay Cities Council of Governments my work spans areas of energy efficiency, utility management, land use optimization, and electric vehicles.

I currently run an electric vehicle research/demonstration program, an energy efficiency policy and program workshop series, and a benchmarking monitoring program for all city paid electricity consumption in the South Bay.  Through electric vehicle programs the SBCCOG is able to accelerate the transition away from gasoline powered vehicles through increased market exposure and research that guides policy/infrastructure development.

I have provided a robust set of Energy Efficiency training opportunities to city staff, commissioners, and elected officials to enhance staffs’ working knowledge of energy issues and strategies such as retro-commissioning, code enfacement  municipal maintenance best practices, and how to finance energy efficiency projects.  Before providing staff training I helped design the Energy Upgrade California residential energy efficiency program.  In addition to training programs and residential outreach planning I have launched a utility monitoring tool that allows South Bay cities to identify problem facilities for targeted energy audits while benchmarking and baselining city facilities.