The Drive The Future Electric Vehicle research and demonstration program funded by the AQMD and run by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments was launched on January 15th 2013.  The program is designed to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) market place by letting community members see for themselves what living with an electic vehicle is like.  It is our belief that their experience will help bust EV myths and create local EV advocates in the South Bay.  This two year program will give approximately 48 South Bay households the opportunity to test drive one of four EVs for up to two months at a time.
It is our intention to learn from participating households by studying how the EVs side-by-side with participating households existing vehicles – all of these vehicles are monitored via GPS tracking devices to assess vehicle use patterns.  Additionally, participant charging behavior is being recorded and monitored to assess the viability of multiple home and workplace charging scenareos.  This research will be used to inform policy makers regarding what policies and infrastructure would be most helpful in accelerating the electric vehicle market.
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The LUV Demonstration Project tested the effectiveness of using 100% electric, zero emission local use vehicles (LUVs) that are small, short range and low speed for taking ‘local’ trips around South Bay neighborhoods. More than half of the trips taken by South Bay residents and businesses today are less than 3 miles and are typically driven in long range, full size, full speed vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine.

The SBCCOG partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to acquire a fleet of vehicles including low speed Wheego Whips, GEM e4s, and Miles EVs. The vehicles are loaned to participants chosen to test the LUVs in a variety of applications. Vehicles are placed with residents and institutions for two or three months at a time. Following a successful initial 18 month demonstration period, the LUV demonstration program has been funded by the AQMD to continue running throughout 2012.

The LUV project demonstrated the benefits of using vehicle technology appropriate to the characteristics of the trip taken. Results from 18 months of data indicate that passenger vehicle Green House Gas emissions from LUV drivers have been reduced by an average of 38% while smog causing criteria air pollutants from LUV drivers have been reduced by approximately 50%.

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